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About Us

Our main goal is to give extremely good service, quality and honest GoodWork.

We are a family of great work ethic, skill and dependability. We love to fix things, repair and replace things. We like to see a nice finished project, either repairing something broken, adding hard flooring, closet built-ins, cabinets, etc. Most of all we love to custom build things like desks in those funny places that just wont fit a store model. Custom drywall, wood or tile finished TV built-ins, wall or ceiling built.

We are extremely dependable and honest. When we say well be there, we will. If some emergency comes up well call and let you know. We will never leave you hanging. We will also tell you if we have tons of experience with the project you are looking at or just feel comfortable getting it done. If we are totally un-experienced by what your requesting we will let you know. Then well either figure it out or refer you to someone that can do it.

We started this “home repair & improvement” thing when we were both in our early 20’s, trying to raise two girls and save some money. Our skill has grown from what our parents and family have taught us to a professional level of quality. We both are very picky and expect you to be the same. We think an entire project thru from start to finish. We don’t like those costly surprises and don’t think you will either.